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Top Five Cartridges for Lever Action Rifles

With today’s high-magnification optics and high ballistic coefficient bullets, hunting with a lever-action rifle is a unique experience. Lever guns appear to be relics of a bygone period. However, a lot of hunting situations—especially our deer hunting here in the Eastern United States, the dense forests of the Pacific Northwest, and the numerous hunts over […]

The LeMat Pietta Revolver 44 Caliber

The LeMat Pietta Revolver 44 Caliber The LeMat Revolver 44 Caliber was made in the Civil War era and used the ammunition of thatperiod, the .44 caliber. It was the first revolver with a revolving cylinder that both soldiers andcivilians could use.It had six barrels, which allowed it to fire at close range, long-range, or […]

The 6.5 PRC Ammunition

The 6.5 PRC Ammunition Hornady launched the 6.5 PRC ammo in the year 2018 and it has received a significant amount of praise from shooters. It is a big diameter. It is built on it’s predecessor, the .30 C/T cartridge. 6.5 PRC ballistic was Hornady’s creation and provides an excellent combination of down-range power and low recoil. Concerning PRC Ammo? This 6.5 PRC […]

Best Caliber For Deer Hunting 2022

What Caliber or Ammo is Best for Deer Hunting?. We can be clear about something. Under compulsion, I’m writing about the greatest deer hunting caliber. It’s not that I disagree with the topic. The headline is the only thing that bothers me. Anyone with even a smidgeon of ballistic sense understands that it should read […]

10 Best Online Gun Stores [2022]: New & Used

10 Best Online Gun stores rural king guns or Local gun shop (LGS) isn’t doing a good job in terms of their inventory or pricing?. Try purchasing your guns on the internet instead!. Remember to remember… We can deliver directly to your home with no background checks and with background check if need be. You’ll need to send […]

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