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This page is dedicated to the wonderful reviews our customers leave after they have shopped and seen our credibility and service to this industry. With a professional staff, Star Gun Shop is out to give it customers  the best experience in online shopping. Order from 6.5prc ammo, 6.5 creedmoor ammo, primers,9x39mm ammo and many more.

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star gun trader

I’ve placed several orders.

I’ve purchased from this business numerous times, and I must say that I’ve never had any problems with them; orders were received faster than from other companies I’ve shopped from, and customer service was excellent. I had a shipment stolen containing ammunition, and they replaced it for me. I recommend Star Gun Shop
Google / Austin Ortiz

The Most Excellent Gun Store

Best place to go, if you are searching for the best guns and ammunitions, these guys know guns. I wish all gun stores can do this type of work. Keep up the good guy

Google/Monte Cooper

With my age, I was able to order from Star Gun Shop due to the quality of service they offer. The treated me like a queen and delivered my husband’s order a day before delivery date. I strongly recommend them to everyone.

Anita Johnson/Google

star gun shop reviews

A great place to purchase difficult to find firearms and ammunition! I’ve bought four firearms from Star gun shop, and it’s been an enjoyable experience. I’ve received what I expected and they’ve got an organized system.

Google/Eric Howards

star gun shop testimonies

Fantastic experience all throughout. Simple to navigate, speedy delivery, and the items were delivered as promised. I’ll definitely shop through Star Gun Shop again. Highly recommended to everyone.

Facebook/Yannick Stephens

star gun testimony

My first time placing an order with Star Gun Trader was great I was skeptical initially, but it was easy, the majority of questions I had were covered in the FAQ, and the transactions went well and I received ammunition that no one else could get in my area.

Google. Phoenix, Az

star gun shop reviews

To be honest, Star Gun Shop is fantastic.

To be honest, Star Gun Shop is fantastic. I placed an order for 800 rounds and received them in less than a week. I’m going to use them a lot in the future.
Fl / Naya Anderson

My order was flawless! That’s exactly how it should’ve gone. I couldn’t locate the LeMat anywhere, but Star Gun Shop was able to obtain it on my behalf. I am really pleased with my purchase and will be purchasing all of my revolvers from Thank you very much for making it possible for my family to be protected.”

Instagram/Howard Timoyu

“My order exceeded my expectations. It was carefully selected, packaged, and delivered on time. I was thrilled to see that several of the calibers I desired were available, and I will be returning to the site to place another purchase. When I discovered what I was searching for on your website, I also directed my father-in-law to it, and he made an order as well. Thank you very much.

Jeo Handison/Facebook

star gun shop reviews

I ordered 45acp and 9mm in a variety of calibers. It was all high-quality ammunition. Except for one, all of the boxes were made of brass. Aluminum was one of them. I’m curious to see how it feeds. It’s a Blazer, so I’m confident it’ll run smoothly. My initial shipment exceeded my expectations.

Google/Edwin howard

I’ve been searching for a LeMat revolver for a while lately. If Star Gun Star had some I ordered one immediately. I am extremely satisfied with the whole transaction.

Google/Mark Luerent

My first purchase was fantastic. With the current ammo prices, it is difficult to build a small arsenal for range days and personal defense. Star Gun Shop is changing the rules of the game. Their prices are reasonable, and you can build your crate in installments. Great company, great service, quick shipping, it’s all fantastic!!!

Daniel Hovesma .FL 

” Your service was excellent. The website was simple to use, and the ammunition I need was available. Within 2 business days, the shipment arrived. I was quite pleased. Thank you very much!”

Instagram/Anne Clinton

I came across your page when searching for ammunition on Google. I can’t tell you how happy I am with your firm, and I’ve been telling my friends about it. My order was fulfilled quickly and without difficulty. The speed with which it arrived astounded me. protected.”

Google/Timothy Junah

I was extremely pleased with how simple it was to identify and buy what I needed – and thank you for the prompt arrival; you have a new client who will tell others!”

Harri. C/CA

Great weapon, excellent ammo, fast shipping, great communication with seller! Thanks a ton for a great transaction all of the way around. Thanks!

Google/Esther hawkins

I’ve been searching for a LeMat revolver for a while lately. If Star Gun Star had some I ordered one immediately. I am extremely satisfied with the whole transaction.

Google/Ivan Rex

Excellent customer service. delivered quickly, excellent communication and contact.good price considering. I would not be hesitant to trade in the future with them.

Nathaniel Timothy .FL