Frequently Asked Questions

Which payment options are accepted by the Online Shop?

Don’t bother going to an ATM or sending a check. Utilizing Zelle you can transfer money and receive it instantly via your banking app, or the Zelle application … in the event that your bank does not currently accept Zelle Pay.

All you require to transfer money using Zelle is an email address or U.S. mobile number.

In your Banking app; click on Send Money using Zelle(r) found in the section of “Transfer as well as Pay”

Install Zelle Pay by enrolling with your email address or U.S. mobile number

Include to our Zelle recipients email (Provided on your confirmation of order invoice)

Enter the amount you want to pay (Order total) and confirm payment.

Pay with Cash App Cash app can be described as a peer-to -peer mobile payment application developed by Square Cash payment. Cash App lets users immediately transfer bitcoin or money to each other using an app for mobile phones and the Debit Card as well as a bank account.

Install and download the Cash App via the App Store as well as PlayStore.

Create an account for the first time by signing up using an active number of a phone and email.

Pick an account (Cash tag) that your friends can use to transfer money to you.

Use a debit card in the Cash app to make payments.

The Cash app is all set! For processing payment for your orders:

“Add the Cash” into the “Cash Balance” to make a payment

If you have the equivalent quantity or higher in your cash balance, you can enter the total of your order then tap Pay.

Include the name or the number of the cashier (provided on the confirmation of your order invoice).

Include an optional note, like “dinner with Dosa” as well as “Kitchen revamp” in the field “For”.

Tap Pay in the upper-right corner. That’s it!

You’ll get an email or SMS message confirming that you’ve transferred cash! Once money is sent, we require you share a screenshot with us at for authentication of payment.

Be aware that you must have an account with a cash balance that is greater than the payment amount.

Start your transfer today with our speedy and efficient online services. Our easy online tools make money transfers effortless.

Pay cash for pickup Pay with a credit card

Do you need to transfer money quickly? This is a quick and simple option. Pay via debit card and the money is available to be picked up in a matter of minutes.

1.) Register or log in Click’send immediately to initiate the transfer.

2.) Enter the destination and the amount Then select cash pick-up and payment with a credit card.

3.) Enter the name of our receiver and the address that we provide at the point of purchase.

4.) Pay using your credit card or debit card (issued by one of the banks located in the United States).

5.) Western Union will send you an email confirmation with an tracking number for the purchase (MTCN). Share this number/receipt with us via email, for fast cash pick up order authentication.

MoneyGram and Walmart provide easy payment options. It’s easy to transfer money online and to pick up cash. We recommend that payments to be made through Walmart & MoneyGram locations, which allows you to easily send or get money.

Online Registration

Create an account online, then go to store(recommended) or continue on the internet.

Decide who and how to pay

Enter the name of our receiver and address you provide when placing your place your order. Then, enter the an amount that is equivalent to the the total amount of your order.

You can pay using your credit or debit card or directly via your banking account.

Securely send your message

Input your personal information to help us confirm your identity. Review and then forward!

You’ll receive a receipt, or confirmation email that contains an identification number or tracking number for your transaction with MoneyGram/Walmart. Share the receipt screenshot or forward the payment confirmation email to us:, for order authentication.

How do I make an online payment using PayPal?

Select this option only when you have agreed to send the money using “Friends as well as family” and also the reason for the transfer is “Order Number” to ensure speedy delivery

To pay a bill using PayPal:

Go to Send and Request, which is at the very top.

Choose the payment type.

Enter the email address of your recipient as well as the total amount.

Choose the type of payment you prefer and then click Continue.

Check the details. You can modify your funding source by selecting”Edit” in “Payment Method”.

Click Continue.

Review your transaction and then click Send Money.

If you have a balance on the account of your PayPal accounts, these balance are taken from your account balance prior to debiting the balance of your credit card, bank account or debit card.

If you do not have an account with PayPal accounts, then you may nevertheless pay for purchases through PayPal with your debit or credit card, if the seller allows PayPal at payment point.

Respect is required. If your products are available We will ship the items to you as quickly as possible. In the case of pre-orders we will deliver the items to you immediately they are available. The estimated dates for publication are provided on the appropriate product page.

Visit our FAQ page for a description of the estimated delivery time for the guides you’ve purchased. Note that these dates are meant to be a reference only and we’re not able to guarantee the delivery of your guide on or before the specified time.

What are the charges for delivery on orders made via the Online Shop?

We will deliver your purchase to you via postal services(UPS OR USPS. Most of the purchased products will be delivered via normal post.

We can ship to all countries included on the dropdown menu located at the top right corner of the Online Shop homepage. If the country you’re looking for is not listed We’re sorry we aren’t able to deliver to you currently.

Make sure you supply complete credit card information, CVC code, billing address, and any other information we require from you to process your transaction. make sure you verify these details before clicking “pay” because we are unable to rectify mistakes later. It is possible that we won’t be able process your payment or send you products if the information that you supply isn’t correct.

Shipping Costs

As stated below, shipping fees will be applicable for the delivery of physical items purchased through our Online Shop. The cost of shipping will be communicated to you within the period of purchase. The shipping charges are based on distance and weight, and may differ in a small amount between our three principal locations including Melbourne (Australia), Colchester (UK) and Lebanon (Indiana, USA). When you make a purchase you acknowledge that you accept the shipping fees which have been communicated to you.

How secure is shopping your Online Shop and do You safeguard my information?

Your data will be handled confidentially and encrypted with SSL (Secure-Socket-Layer) secure server software. The data you enter in your purchase, including your address, name as well as your credit card and bank information cannot be read by any third-party. Credit card transactions will be confirmed using the 3D secure method…

What happens next after placing an order?

Reach out to us via our Live Chat Agent to make sure that you made the payment right. If we are able to confirm, we’ll provide you with a tracking number, which allows you to follow the delivery online.

How long does delivery take?

Express:1-2 working days

Standard:2-3 working days

Do I receive an invoice after i purchase?

You receive an invoice via email after you place an order.

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