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Tents for camping

Camping Tents. Is your house far from the forest or at the lake or even in your backyard. You can choose from tents that are spacious enough for one hiker, some friends, or even a huge family.

A common kind of camping tents

Dome tents and sphere tents Dome – and sphere-tents feature round tops. They’re quick and easy to put up. Dome or sphere tents are able to sleep anywhere from one to more than 12 people, based on the size of the tent and the number of people.

Cabin tents typically rectangular, and are able to accommodate large families and groups. Cabin tents are more difficult to put in place than dome tents but they provide ample ceiling height for people who are taller.

Frame or backpacking tents are made of metal support frames that are sturdy and freestanding features. Backpacking tents are light weight and easy to carry along the trail.

Many tents are equipped with features like screens, storage pockets as well as electrical hookups to fans and lights. The majority of camping tents come with three seasons and aren’t recommended for use during cold temperatures, snowy conditions or with high winds.

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