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Fishing and Hunting Supplies

Star Gun Shop has long been the top place to shop for fishing as well as hunting and outdoor equipment. We are now proud to provide everything you require in order to ensure your next adventure an unforgettable one.

Make sure you have a trunk full of soft baits, hard lures and spinners Jigs and lures of all types. No matter what species of fish you’re after We’re sure to have the right reel, rod or even a rod-and-reel combination for you.

The sport of fishing is addictive. Once you’re hooked to it, you’ll discover that there is no turning back. Every person is a novice one day, but the growth from there and the love for fishing is the best part of this sport. In the course of time, we all search for tricks and tips to better understand the mechanics of catching fishes and enhance our knowledge.

The most essential and primary equipment that you will require is an Rod and Reel. There are various rods that are available in accordance with the type of fishing. For the beginner, moderate action rod will suffice. For advanced anglers, they must choose based on the kind of fishing they choose to engage in.

Examples include hooks, lines, sinkers, reels, floats, baits, lures, spears, nets, gaffs traps, waders, and even tackle boxes.

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