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We only provide the finest quality equipment to make sure your firearms function to the highest of their abilities. Explore our inventory today and stock up every weapon part you’ll need for your specific type of firearm.

Find information about your state on the internet. It includes courses for hunters within Oregon along with Washington. Are you in need of a gun safety? Learn how to choose the Perfect Gun Safe for more.

Handguns (pistols)

Handguns of today have four main components, which include the frame, the action or cylinder, and the barrel.

The Action includes the components that trigger the cartridges. This includes the trigger.

The frame is the metallic housing that houses the handle or grip of the gun. Everything is fixed to or within the frame.

The Barrel is the steel tube that is protruding out of the frame. It is through this tube that the bullet goes when it departs from the handgun.

Cylinders and clips aren’t interchangeable. If you’re shooting a revolver rather than a repeating handgun firearm will be equipped with a cylinder which holds ammunition.

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