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Find the most effective AR-15 scopes and lenses for your budget and make use of. From 1x red dots up to magnifiers prisms, holographic and conventional scopes. All of them are tested hands-on.

Help you identify and shoot targets you’ve would never have thought of even with poor conditions like weather and lighting. Star Gun Shop! has the finest eyewear rings, brackets, and rings in stock from top brands like Leopold, EOTech, Aim point, Nikon, Trijicon. If you’re looking at a red dot scope as well as a magnified scope we have what you require. Check out our range of rifle scopes and gun scopes now and improve your shooting skills to the highest level.


Star Gun Shop offers a vast assortment of rifle scopes to improve your rifle as well as all bases, rings as well as mounts and scope mounting tools needed to reach your desired target swiftly. We also offer firearm scopes Red Dots sights as well as thermal imaging and night vision optics that can be used for a range of applications. Our lasers and lights for weapon sights provide support to a wide range of self-defense as well as target shooting scenarios particularly for handguns and AR-15 shooters. Shooters who hunt and long-range shooters will appreciate our large assortment of rangefinders, binoculars and spotting scopes made by every major brand.

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