The 6.5 PRC Ammunition

The 6.5 PRC Ammunition

Hornady launched the 6.5 PRC ammo in the year 2018 and it has received a significant amount of praise from shooters. It is a big diameter. It is built on it’s predecessor, the .30 C/T cartridge. 6.5 PRC ballistic was Hornady’s creation and provides an excellent combination of down-range power and low recoil.

Concerning PRC Ammo?

This 6.5 PRC ammo is designed and branded specifically for Precision Rifle Series, is inspired by the comparatively unknown .300 Ruger Compact Magnum, which is necked to hold 6.5mm bullets. This 6.5 PRC ammo is designed to shoot the highest BC bullet with 3,200fps using an action rifle that is short. It is popular for long-range shooting as well as hunting.

What are the reasons to opt to 6.5 Ammo from PRC?

6.5 PRC ballistic is widely acclaimed for having more reserve energy, more straight trajectories and greater velocities than the competition on the market. The rifle cartridge is capable of covering large distances, while maintaining a controlled speed and a significant penetration. It stands out due to its remarkable precision when compared with different rifle cartridges.

Hornady PRC has gained popularity in recent years because of its outstanding animal hunting abilities and long-range shooting abilities. It was initially used in shooting competitions, however it slowly began to adapt to the modern requirements of weaponry.

Barnes Precision Match Ammunition 6.5 PRC 145 Grain Open Tip Match Boat Tail Box of 20
Barnes Precision Match Ammunition 6.5 PRC 145 Grain Open Tip Match Boat Tail Box of 20

A few advantages from 6.5 PRC ammo include:

Excellent resistance to deflecting wind due to of the cartridge’s speed and design. allows for lengthy long, high BC bullets.

* Flat shooting

* Longer life of the barrel when in comparison to other magnum cartridges.

Most rifles weigh less due to their quick action and the length of the barrel required.

It is the 6.5 PRC is designed for long sleek, high-BC bullets and the majority of factory loads use them. Due to the fact that it is the 6.5 PRC ballistic is so quick that the wind has little time to influence the bullet. This makes it a fantastic shot against wind.

The 6.5 PRC has such a shorter barrel, many do not consider how well it functions. Since it has a quick action, it also has the largest amount of powder than other cartridges. This causes the powder to burn more quickly, it also means that the amount of powder that is used (about 45 grams of H4350) isn’t excessively high and it will take less time to get the fire going.

The history of 6.5 PRC ammo

The cartridge was developed for use for PRS (Precision Rifle Series) matches. In 2012 and 2013 George Gardner of GA Precision approached Hornady regarding the possibility of developing the round that could better match the demands of the competition.

The PRS regulations ban cartridges that have speeds of more than 3,200fps. Also, every bullet must be.308 calibre or smaller. The cartridge was also designed by the shooter to be equipped with a short action for shooters working quickly. Short actions also provide some stiffness increase that can aid in precision. Dave Gardner outlined the reasoning for that 6.5 PRC ballistic as and he analyzed what caliber would be most suitable to his goals for design.

the Bottom Line

Overall overall, it’s a great choice. 6.5 PRC ammo is a great design, which provides a perfect combination of recoil and velocity. This is not just an unnecked down WSM cartridge. Hornady did their homework on this one as it’s clear that the 6.5 PRC ammo is a good fit in the gun market. Hornady’s latest ammunition is worth a look if you’re seeking a brand new rifle for hunting that has the ability to hunt for long distances, and is worthy of being included in the current 6.5 hunting cartridge collection. There are 6.5 ammo available on the internet at a lower cost.

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