The LeMat Pietta Revolver 44 Caliber

The LeMat Pietta Revolver 44 Caliber

lemat pietta

The LeMat Revolver 44 Caliber was made in the Civil War era and used the ammunition of that
period, the .44 caliber. It was the first revolver with a revolving cylinder that both soldiers and
civilians could use.
It had six barrels, which allowed it to fire at close range, long-range, or have one barrel as an option
when facing a formidable foe in hand-to-hand combat. This revolver was designed by Dr. Jean
Alexandre Francois LeMat and manufactured from 1856 until 1859 in New Orleans, Louisiana, by
LeMat’s company, J.A. F.

What You Must Know About LeMat

For starters, consider that 44-caliber revolvers are some of today’s most popular guns, and with
good reason. Available in several calibers and barrel lengths, they can use them for self-defense,
plinking, and hunting. The .44 caliber is powerful enough to handle almost any job—but it’s still small
enough to conceal (unlike, say, a shotgun). You can purchase factory ammunition or roll your own if
you like to tinker with your guns.

Why the Gun Was Named Le Mat

Le Mat was chosen because of a last-minute addition to Napoleon’s original order, with his longtime
physician, Dominique Jean Larrey. He had initially been commissioned two flintlock pistols for
himself and one for Colonel Louis André Bonaparte (the future Emperor Napoleon III).
Still, Larrey suggested an additional barrel be added so that wounded soldiers could be shot in both
arms and legs without having to change weapons.

How to Clean and Store Your Le Mat

lemat pietta

The Le Mat makes an excellent conversation piece and a terrific firearm. Because of its size, it’s
advisable to remove any rust with sandpaper and then give it a thorough cleaning. Use something
like vinegar and turpentine to degrease it, then rinse well with water and dry thoroughly. Ensure
that your revolver is not loaded before you put it away, and store ammunition in a separate location.
What to Do if Your Revolver Stops Working?
If your LeMat stops working, make sure you have a great screwdriver and spare time. First, take off
your grips (handle) and remove all bullets from your gun to ensure no other bullets are causing a

pietta revolver

Unscrew any bullet casings from barrels or chambers. Remove any obstructions by unscrewing them
if possible and rinsing them out with water if not. Never use excessive force; gently unscrew objects
even if they seem stuck.
Bottom Line

The gun was an inspiration to soldiers and thus became popular among them – many tried their best
to get their hands on one. However, it became tough when both sides began outlawing them since
they were deemed too dangerous.
Some accounts even state that wounded soldiers chose to die rather than go through amputation so
they could keep their revolvers! This gun, as described above, is known as the lemat pietta revolver
44 calibers.

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